What is Haze?

Haze provides fast weed delivery in Vancouver and Langley.

We deliver top quality cannabis to your door, generally within an hour in Vancouver and same-day in Langley.

Order online or text 778 952 4931

No sign up required. You must be 19 years or older with 2 pieces of ID to order. You must present 2 pieces of ID to the courier.


Haze is proud to serve the elderly, retired, injured, disabled, veterans and other Canadians with mobility and access issues.


How It Works

Select from a variety of premium quality marijuana.

Receive updates along the way as we prepare and deliver your order. Enjoy!

Haze is marijuana
delivery made easy!

Our Delivery Zones

Downtown Vancouver

Granville, Yaletown, West End, Gastown, Kits Beach, East Van, Main Street


We now offer same day delivery in Langley!


Weed Delivery In Vancouver

Cannabis delivery is a smart choice when you have had a long day at work, or finished doing chores around the house, or finished that big presentation your boss asked for on short notice. Put your feet up and order online with Haze, its 2019 and weed is legal. Stress-free and delicious, Haze is the highest quality weed with indica, sativa, and hybrid strains delivered straight to your door in Vancouver. Weed delivery is the hottest convenience to hit the market with California even passing legislation legalizing cannabis delivery in banned cannabis locations to help the disabled, elderly, poor, and injured. Weed delivery lets you sit back and chill at home after a long days work, place an order, and Haze has got you covered. Cannabis delivery is a reality in Vancouver. There is nothing in the world like doing nothing in the world and having marijuana delivered right to your door, for a great price, of the highest quality, in a fast, discrete, professional way.

Delivery Areas

Westend Weed Delivery

Westend Marijuana Delivery

Westend Cannabis Delivery

Yaletown Weed Delivery

Yaletown Marijuana Delivery

Yaletown Cannabis Delivery

Gastown Weed Delivery

Gastown Marijuana Delivery

Gastown Cannabis Delivery

Langley Marijuana Delivery

East Van Weed Delivery

East Van Marijuana Delivery

East Van Cannabis Delivery

Kitsilano Weed Delivery

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Main Street Cannabis Delivery

Commercial Drive Weed Delivery

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Mount Pleasant Weed Delivery

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